Prepared freshly and lovingly…..  till midday (1230 Sunday)





All lovingly cooked to order:


Grilled Bacon and Red Pepper and Tomato Chutney on an artisan roll or thick door step bread (£3.80)

Smoked Salmon on a fresh Bagel with cream cheese   (£5.00)

Poached or Fried Eggs, cooked as you like on door step toast (£4.50)

Beans on Toast (£4.00)

Smoked Salmon and Poach Eggs on toast (£6.50)

Fresh baked potato Rosti, with Smoked Salmon and poached eggs (£7.50)

Fresh baked potato Rosti and poached or fried Eggs (£6.00)


Full ‘English’ breakfast:  Bacon, eggs, rosti, beans, toast and baked mushrooms (£7.50)

Full vegetarian ‘English’ breakfast:  Eggs, rosti, beans, toast and baked mushrooms (£7.00)


Tea cakes or thick door step toast with butter and/or Bonne manna jam (£2.50/£2.75)