"In today's world, it is no longer unimaginable to think that business can operate and even thrive in an environmentally-friendly manner." Olympia Snowe



We are dedicated to ensuring our carbon footprint is kept to a bare minimum - and have incorporated a number of environmentally friendly initiatives so that's the case........



We have focused on a number of initiatives to achieve our aim and mission statement:



REAL Food Kitchen is committed to all initiatives in reducing waste, as well as ensuring any waste is managed in a way that reduces the impact on the area. All standard measures of recycling are adopted and the real food kitchen is keen to lead the way on new initiatives.


All commercial and customer waste will be segregated and recycled. Customes segregated recycling waste bins will be provided on the Café area.




Ground to ground scheme  -  Incorporating a ‘ground to ground’ scheme – turning used coffee grounds into compost.


50,000 espressos’ create one ton – there will be
biodegradable containers of one of the best natural soil additives to hand out to customers.


The café will also houses a commercial compost bin to ensure that all the natural waste goes back into enriching the land rather than into a landfill.




Green Initiatives



Using produce that has been sourced using local


Sole use of biodegradable packaging (Vegware) and we use Bamboo crockery plates.


Use only environmentally-friendly cleaning products


Using local businesses for other goods and services